Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Gay 'Marriage': What is Truth?

This makes horrifying and fascinating watching. Anthony Ozimic calmly and reasonably sets forth the case for traditional marriage while facing a barrage of emotional manipulation and abuse. Not once do the opposition (which includes both of the so-called interviewers: they join in the interrogation gleefully) make any rational argument for homosexual 'marriage'. The only thing they can say, over and over again, is that society has moved on, that this is the twenty-first century, etc etc.

Their complete lack of any appeal to objective reason demonstrates once again that those who aggressively promote the secular liberal agenda have lost all belief in reason, objectivity, and truth itself. In a truthless world of competing subjective interpretations, the only path open is to impose social conformity and brand those who oppose your version as deviants, scorning and dismissing them with emotionally charged labels like 'homophobic'.

This is the brave new world of 'openness' and 'tolerance'. Everything can be tolerated except those who dare to defend absolute truth, based on reason.

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