Saturday, 23 February 2013

Scandalous Negligence

Aldous Huxley: isn't it time we adopted more
of the ideas of this humanist visionary?
From our secularist correspondent . . .

Much has been done to protect the rights of children, as the government has introduced ever greater vigilance in checking the suitability of those who have responsibility for them. But what about their right to grow up protected from primitive superstition, and the barbaric, uncivilised practices of those who have refused to change with the times and adopt an approach to child-rearing consonant with our modern, scientific times?

Following an extensive undercover investigation, we are able now to reveal the dark heart of British society, still trapped in the middle ages, and leaving vulnerable children completely at the mercy of unqualified, unscreened, and, frankly, incompetent personnel.

Despite scandal after scandal, in which those who practice this system of child-rearing are found guilty of the most vile abuses, the government still has not acted to regulate properly this disgraceful situation. Although there has been a programme for decades of promoting chemical inoculation against this threat to our modern civilisation, the state still has not struck with sufficient authority at the root of the problem: individuals are still permitted to procreate freely, without any checks being performed to ensure their suitability for rearing the sensible, tolerant and broad-minded citizens of tomorrow.

As a result of this scandalous negligence on the part of the authorities, a shocking number of children are placed into the hands of ordinary, unprofessional individuals about whom, in most cases, the state knows virtually nothing!

How can this negligence be allowed to continue? When is the government finally going to face up to its responsibility and stop relying on merely voluntary contraception and sterilisation programmes, however vigorously promoted among the less capable members of society? When are we going to see the introduction of a properly organised, centrally managed system of reproduction? Proper standards are maintained and enforced in our factories, and yet we continue to allow primitive, unregulated processes to produce our citizens!

Until the government awakes from its torpor, and puts into practice policies worthy of the twenty-first century, ordinary, unqualified individuals will continue to produce children irresponsibly. They may even teach those children to do likewise, as though life were something inherently good, rather than what we now know it to be, in our enlightened modern days: a dangerous, threatening force that requires proper management by qualified professionals.

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